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Flowering the Great Hall like a winner!

I make no secret of the fact that I love Fanhams Hall. More specifically, I love the Great Hall, this incredible Jacobean dining room with dark wood panelling, a stunning fireplace, high ceiling, gorgeous wooden flooring... I just love it. And I think my style really suits this room too.

Over the years, we’ve created all manor of floral display in this room. And, with it being such a grand room and a blank canvas for a wedding breakfast, it can be a bit daunting to know what to do. But fear not. With the Fanhams Hall show just around the corner and my thoughts turning to this most magical of rooms, here are some of my favourite images to help inspire your wedding day...

Chances are, if you favour a full-on rustic style, you’ll probably have chosen a barn over a Jacobean mansion house anyway. So I always like to make sure the flowers and styling suit the venue. I’m thinking elegance, style, sophistication and sheer beauty.

This room has the wow factor. So I’d always suggest tablecentres that do the same over lots of smaller elements. And it’s an elegant little devil in itself, so don’t chuck loads at it – work with its beauty.

Now I’m a bit partial to a candle. And, whether you have a summer or winter wedding, there is something magical about candlelight against the dark wood panelling. It helps make a grand room feel very intimate too. And I feel now is the right time to publicly apologise to all the lovely staff at Fanhams who have to light all the candles I set out just before the wedding guests walk into the Great Hall [sorry not sorry though, as it looks fab!].

We're at the Fanhams Hall Wedding Show, and no prizes for guessing what room we'll be in. See you there!

Thanks to David Pullum Photography, Tom Archer Photography and Lily & Frank Photography

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