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meet Sally

Hi there, I'm Sally, founder and chief pretty creator of Halo Blossom Floral Design.

My style is very much laid back luxury, creating dreamy florals to suit your vision. I'll be honest -- if you're looking for a floral designer who will show you a portfolio book and ask which design you want, then I'm probably not the one for you.

I think your wedding day should be the stuff of dreams! Why settle for anything less, right? And that's exactly how I approach each booking. You tell me your dreams, and I'll get to work, approaching each wedding with a metaphorical new pair of scissors.

Learning and understanding your hopes, dreams and vision for your wedding flowers is as important as delivering them on the right day (we also do that, by the way).

I've been running Halo Blossom Floral Design for 17 years, retraining after a career in magazine publishing. I always loved launching new magazines -- taking a brief, coming up with ideas, and then seeing the magazines through to launch stage. So combining my love of this part of my career with my love of nature seemed like a natural progression. And I really do love a good wedding!

If you'd like to chat about your wedding florals, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Love Sally x

ps, if you're like me, then you're a little bit nosey. It's nice to know I'm a safe pair of hands, but here are a few useless facts about me too...



I love music and think David Bowie is one of the coolest and creative people of the last century


I love the outdoors. Seeing the way moss can creep up a tree trunk fascinates me


I hate vinegar. I mean, properly hate vinegar. Can't stand the smell and have an irrational fear of getting the smell on my fingers


My favourite film is Rocky


I'm rarely seen without a big flick of black eyeliner and have worn red lipstick ever since I first saw Rizzo in Grease


If I wasn't a floral designer, I'd love to have my own radio show 


I collect Penguin Classic books and have over 500. I also collect vintage magazines and have copies of Vogue that are nearly 100 years old and Nova magazine from the sixties and seventies. I love them!

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